Technico provides a variety of maintenance programmes which are continuously appraised to ensure our customers receive the support best suited to their needs.  Our close adherence to the ISO9000:2000 standard ensures that each customer’s requirements are reviewed regularly to ensure improvements to quality of services are identified and implemented.

Various options on the level of services are offered with the premium service offered being on-site support 24 hours a days 365 days a year.  Technico provides such a service programme to private network customers using SDH network equipment.

In cases where lower levels of support are required, the levels required will be agreed in consultation with our engineers in advance of installation to ensure an efficient maintenance programme from the point of installation completion.

Technico is a project driven company.  Our resources are tailored to meet the needs of each project undertaken, dependant on the duration of deployment and support required.  Support is offered on a short, medium, or long term basis as required.

We regard Technico’s knowledge and experience, derived from all of the projects undertaken, to be a major asset to any company requiring a quality assured supplier to implement and support a new network, or expand an existing network.  Our technical capability linked in parallel to a rigorous Quality Assurance approach gives us the capability and confidence to successfully implement and support networks for SME’s and National Network Operators alike.

Technico, in conjunction with the manufacturers, provides comprehensive training courses for its customers