Technico Limited is an Irish company specializing in providing innovative technological solutions and support to communications and telecommunications operators and users in Ireland.

The provision of these solutions and the support provided are underpinned by a rigorous adherence to a Quality Assurance System.  Technico achieved ISO9000:2000 accreditation in December 2000, one of the first Irish companies to do so.   Previously accreditation to the ISO9002 standard was held.

Technico’s workforce have been responsible for many of the major developments in the Irish communications and telecommunications marketplace over the past five decades.

In 1953 the founding directors of Technico obtained the first license in Ireland to install PBX Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).    This license broke the P&T monopoly for CPE.  In 1993, the CPE arm of the business was sold to a third party.  At the time, Technico serviced 4,500 corporate and SME customers in Ireland.

The range of experience in Technico’s workforce is highlighted by the wide list of projects completed in the past.  To name but a few of these projects Technico has:

  • Installed the first digital switches in Ireland
  • Installed Radar Systems including Aer Rianta (Dublin/Shannon)
  • Provided and built VHF Radio Network and Microwave Link Networks for RTE, the ESB, and the Defence Forces.

In 1993, the decision was taken to concentrate Technico’s activities in the fast deregulating Telecoms Market, where innovative and high technologies were being stabilized for mass deployment.

In recent years, we believe we have developed an unrivalled working knowledge of:

  • Installing, testing and supporting Core Transport and Access networks in Ireland with Copper and Fibre Optic Cable and Wireless solutions.
  • Verifying and supporting high volume cable records solutions
  • Managing the rollout of new and national fiber optic networks
  • design, installation and commissioning of enterprise private network, fibre, copper and radio

Fibre Optics

In the area of Fibre Optic Network solutions, apart from being able to offer the only available all-in-one shelf for SDH/DWDM/Cross-Connect and Add-Drop Mux, we distribute the products of  the leading hand-held field fibre optic installation and test company.  Technico provides fusion splciers, basic power meters and source kits and has performed Post Modulation Dispersion (PMD) Tests on fibre optic cable in Ireland and on a variety of cables between the UK and Ireland.  We have advised Telecom Operators on the PMD cable specifications required to best support DWDM installations.  As a turnkey solution in 1994, Technico installed the first working STM-4 ring in Ireland and to date have installed and commissioned SDH rings  for two national carriers.  Technico provides a variety of turnkey solutions for Ethernet networks up 100 Gigabit including  the testing and monitoring solutions.


Copper Access

Technico has:

  • Supplied and installed a nationwide link concentration solution to a national  mobile carrier.
  • Supplied and provided technical support for over 175,000 of ADPCM, PCM2/4, HDSL, and R-ADSL digital links.
  • Provided a complete programme to identify, record and correct the existing national copper cable network records.
  • A wide variety of copper network test solutions to support the equipment offered and delivered.



Radio – Point to Point and Point to Multipoint

In the area of WLL, Technico have installed and commissioned a number of working trials.  In 1999 Technico was granted the first temporary WLL license from the Office of the Director of Telecommunications Regulation.  Technico has a real working knowledge of both deploying WLL and working successfully with the Regulator’s Office.  Technico’s workforce have designed, installed and maintained a number of Distributed Antenna Systems and Point-to-Point microwave links over the past 5 years to both private and state companies.